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Our Ethos:

Based on Lean principles, we partner with our clients to optimize their business and operational processes to create and maintain competitive advantage through great customer experiences, process excellence, skilled and motivated workforces, lower operating costs and increased bottom-line results.

Our strength lies in understanding and identifying our clients' needs. We then use the depth and range of our people's skill to develop effective client solutions to fuel our client's growth.

Our Vision:

EDS service solution's vision is to become the premier global partner of choice for outsourced business process management and workforce optimization solutions. It is our driving goal, to be achieved through our passionate commitment to quality, efficiency and execution excellence.

Our Experience:


Eds service solutions consultants are highly experienced senior operational and business managers, with Lean and Six Sigma expertise. In partnership with our clients, we combine proven industry expertise with world-class methodologies and training programs to improve existing business processes and create new ones where needed. Following the Shingo Prize model, our consultants help you self-sustain Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) efforts.


With over 50 years of experience in the world of business process outsourcing and human capital management, the leaders of EDS service solutions had a single mission - harness the power of technology to create one system that could run all the complexities and aspects of managing a large workforce. As a BPO, streamlining processes and efficiently managing labor cost units were paramount to success. From what started as a small staffing firm to a global outsourcing corporation.


Our People: 

EDS service solutions passionately believe that our people are the cornerstone of our success.  Only with an outstanding team industry insights and the right processes can greatness be achieved.

Our Partners:

New technology is paving the way for change at a rate we’ve never seen before. EDS partners with Workforce Velocity, a SaaS building innovation, and change within the travel industry. WFV is a complete suite of products that manages time and attendance, workforce planning, labor costs control, scheduling, talent file management, automated bi-directional communication, and performance management, quickly, strategically and from anywhere you place your computer.

Our Promise:

EDS service solutions enable clients to transform their organization and improve performance. We aim to empower our clients to respond more quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics. This is achieved through outstanding performance, continuous systematic improvement of the processes in which we operate our daily activities and through the passion and collaboration of a cohesive team of talent.

Eds will be defined by the measurable contribution we make to our clients successes. Change is good, transformation is better.

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