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Quality Hospitality Staffing Nationwide

Hotels are producing the highest numbers of outputs within the tourism industry contributing up to a third of the 1.6$ trillion it generated in 2015. This created 8.1 million jobs in the U.S meaning one in every eighteen  US citizens worked directly or indirectly in the tourism and travel industry, these numbers prove how quickly the hotel industry is growing and with our support we thrive to ensure your business is meeting the standards to remain successful in this changing market, let us drive the transformation and fuel the growth of your business.
Quality control in the accommodations sector is paramount to the success of the facility, we make sure standards are met for the resort and customer.
With vast experience specialties in facility management and staffing, combining experience technology and a talented workforce Eds has excelled in quality management of the ever growing and changing hotel industry.
Positions we specialize in staffing: 
Cleaning crew
In-room dining
Order Takers
Shuttle drivers
Concierge PBX
Telephone operators
Banquets Attendants
Housemen Runners
Kitchen team
Reservation centers
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