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Today’s market, competition and deregulation mean airlines and airport managers need to improve margins without compromising service standards.
Eds service solutions provides the right partnership for both the private and public sector to improve processes, standards and value.  In the ever changing environment of the travel industry high volumes of customers pass through 24 hours a day, requiring operational excellence and flexibility to respond to both the expected and unexpected.
Eds service solutions partners with clients to deliver high quality support services with best practice standards and processes, ensuring operational needs are meet with the same care and consistency of the best in the industry.
Our aviation specialists have an intimate understanding of the industry and have expert knowledge in Compliance, Health and Safety, and Security management .
Eds outsource solution include:
Passenger services
Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance
Baggage and passenger security screening
Lost property management
Reduced mobility assistance
Airline ground services and support
Aircraft cleaning and non-technical maintenance
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